Kenny is from the small town of Clover, in South Carolina, where he was raised by his incredible mom, Pam! The oldest of two sons and the product of divorce, the path that Kenny has walked has been one of the non-traditional road.

While in high school and very much involved in baseball, band and chorus, Kenny started what at first, was a summer job as a Camp Counselor at the York YMCA in a neighboring town- that turned in to a calling of ministry on Kenny's life.


Working at the YMCA all through high school and college, Kenny started his professional career by taking on a full time role at a YMCA, leaving college early so that he could help provide for his family.


Work ethic, GRIT and a drive to win has always been rooted in Kenny's heart. He witnessed his mom work 3 jobs while he was a teen, to be able to provide for their family- that determination to do whatever it takes, he picked up on and it has been a part of Kenny's leadership style and his motivation.


During his 16 year career with the YMCA, it led Kenny to become an Executive Director at the age of 28, as well as, leading Afterschool and Day Camp for the YMCA of Columbia (South Carolina) Association.


In 2013, Kenny stepped into full time ministry at the Columbia Campus of NewSpring Church as the Next Steps Pastor. NewSpring Church (newspring.cc) is one of the largest churches in the nation, averaging over 26,000 weekly attendees.


Through his time at NewSpring Church, Kenny continued to develop his leadership, coaching and teaching which has lead him to launch "Ruins Rebuilt" in 2017. 


Kenny has a heart to impact the world and he believes that the organizations that he serves alongside can reach people and have an impact on their lives- thus, helping change the world!


Kenny is married to his wife Katie (2010) and they have three boys - Jackson, Jesse & Josiah. They live in Charlotte, NC and have offices in Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill, SC, Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC with the ruins REBUILT Headquarters located in downtown Rock Hill, SC.


Brett grew up in Starke, Florida, a small town known for its speed traps and numerous prisons. He is the oldest of three boys and has two awesome parents. Brett grew up going to church because he was a pastor's kid. Brett went to Bradford High School and played as many sports as he could. He balanced his time with those sports and his first job at his family's restaurant at age 14. 


After high school Brett, along with his brother, moved to Lynchburg, Virginia to attend Liberty University, where he graduated from LU with his Bachelor's Degree in Religion. In December of 2006 Brett moved back to Starke to become his home church's first Children's Pastor. When Brett joined staff there were 8-10 kids attending. He and his family left in 2010 and the church was averaging between 130-150 kids every Sunday.


Brett joined the staff of NewSpring Church in South Carolina in August of 2010 as the KidSpring Director at the Columbia Campus. Through his time at NewSpring, Brett held multiple leadership positions including Guest Services, Creative Arts, as well as, Associate Campus Pastor of a Campus of 6,000 attendees and 800 volunteers.


Brett left the staff of NewSpring Church in November of 2016 and moved his family to Charleston, South Carolina. Brett joined the Ruins REBUILT team in 2018 as the Vice President and is traveling all over South Carolina and nationwide to serve as a Coach and Consultant to many organizations and leaders. Brett also currently owns a health insurance benefits company and specializes in church, non-profit, and small business group health benefits

Brett has two amazing boys, Hudson and Avery. They love playing sports together and going to the beach!

Kirk is the owner of KBCreative  based out of Belmont, NC. He serves as the Creative Director for Exodus Church and is a very talented Creative Arts Designer. Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and Websites are his specialty. Kirk is married to his wife Sarah.


Daniel is the owner of Douglas & Gray Construction based in Columbia, SC. Commercial and home renovations are his specialty. Incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship. Daniel is married to his wife Alicia.


Andy is the owner of Unity Media Solutions based out of Columbia, SC. Andy was on staff at NewSpring Church and also the touring Audio Tech for American Idol Contestant "Daughtry". Everything from a small update to a total Audio, Lighting and Staging, Andy can do it all with incredible excellence. Andy is married to Blaire and they have 3 beautiful girls!

John is a Chaplain with Standing Stones Ministry - serving Church and Ministry leaders as a Chaplain - a Pastor to the Pastor. John was on staff at NewSpring and was a support of Ruins REBUILT as an advisor to Kenny during the launch phase of the organization. John is married to Linda who serves alongside of him at Standing Stones and is also a nurse. They have 3 children.


Lydia is the Owner of Red Penny, an accounting, payroll and budgeting company. Lydia is incredible at helping organization craft budgets, implement and maintain industry standard accounting practices and payroll services. Lydia is married to her husband Gary.


Tim is the Financial Services Manger for Richland School District 1 in Columbia, SC. Tim has been a huge supporter of Ruins REBUILT since before it was a public entity by offering his experience and insight during the beginning stages of our launch. Tim and his wife Dawn host our team regularly as they travel in and through Columbia. Tim is married to his wife Dawn and has 4 sons and 2 daughters.